For developers

Source code:

Get the code

After cloning repository remember to initialize submodule with c-api library

git clone <repo>
cd dxfeed-python-api/
git submodule init
git submodule update

Additional requirements

All the additional requirements are located in pyproject.toml file in [] section. Here is a small description for key additional packages:

  • poetry - for building the project
  • taskipy - to set small alias to long bash commands
  • sphinx - for automatic documentation generation
  • pytest - for testing purposes


All further commands should be execute from the root directory of the project

Build package

task build

The upper command get the same arguments as poetry build command (e.g. -f sdist). The built package is in dist/ folder.

Testing tool

task test

The upper command starts pytest. All the arguments for pytest command are available (e.g. -v)


task html_docs

The upper command starts sphinx documentation building. The files can be found in docs/_build/html folder. Automatically zip archive is created in docs/_build/ folder.